Water Based System

Sprinklers. NAFFCO’s wet sprinkler systems are one of the most effective products available to the fire fighting industry. We use heat-responsive technology and fast water systems to ensure that fires are quelled swiftly in your property
Wet Alarm Assembly. The alarm check valve is a water flow alarm device designed for vertical installation in the main supply to a wet pipe sprinkler system. When a flow of water from the system equals or exceeds that of a single sprinkler, the valve is to actuate a fire alarm.
Zone Control Valve is a system designed to separate the area in case of maintenance and to get the indication of fire zone on a combination of Butterfly valve, Flow Switch, Pressure Gauge and Test & Drain Valves.
Foam-based extinguishing system
FISCOMM supplies NAFFCO manufactured Foam-Based Extinguishing Systems to meet the requirements of our customers in the fire fighting industry. Our systems have been certified by FM and UL and will ... Read more
Water Based System