Vehicles and Trucks

Name of product: Trucks and Vehicles
All fire vehicles supplied by our company have been constructed by NAFFCO to the highest standards and will enable you to respond quickly to fires regardless of your environment. Our fire fighting trucks and vehicles are suitable for combating fires ... Read more
ARFF FALCON series are the right choice for airport firefighting and rescue; these vehicles are built to meet the requirements of fast intervention in case of emergency exceeding the applicable standard NFPA 414 and ICAO regulations.Chassis options American or European origin.Cabin is custom built ... Read more
ARFF Vehicles on Commercial Chassis:- A cost effective solution for Airport Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles, these units are built on commercial chassis from reputed manufacturers as Scania, Mercedes, MAN.Original chassis Cabin is converted to crew cabin with right or left ... Read more
Municipal Firefighting Vehicles:- Designed for intervention mainly within the city limits, NAFFCO municipal fire trucks are categorized as light (up to 12T GVW), medium (12 to 18 T GVW) and heavy duty (over 18 T GVW) Firefighting Vehicles.Chassis ... Read more
Industrial Firefighting Vehicles:- For protection of industrial assets NAFFCO provides a complete range of vehicles able to carry large amounts of foam, dry powder and water. The chassis are provided with safety futures as spark arresters and engine shut off valves, in line with the internal ... Read more
Rescue and Rapid Intervention Vehicles:- NAFFCO Rescue and Rapid Intervention Vehicles are specifically designed for the application. Necessary for road or airport fast intervention, they can feature extrication tools, firefighting systems water/ foam based, DCP or CO2 as well ... Read more
Aerials & Vehicles for Electrical Sector:- NAFFCO provided a complete range of solutions to support the maintenance of transmission lines. The aerial platforms supplied by NAFFCO can be designed under different categories of insulation . The top of ... Read more
Aerials for Rescue & Firefighting:- Where the intervention requires access to heights, NAFFCO provides a full range of aerial platforms and turntable ladders that can reach up to 72 mtr. Heights. The platforms are EN 1777 compliant and options of water / foam tanks, foam system, monitor are ... Read more