Firefighting Equipment

Name of product: Fire Extinguishers
We stock the following types of fire extinguishers: CO₂, Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Clean Agent and Wet Chemical manufactured by NAFFCO.
Name of product: Hoses & accessories
Our hoses and accessories are made of NAFFCO and they are fully certified by the NFPA and UL.
Name of product: Reels & Cabinets
Our equipment manufactured by NAFFCO will ensure that the inhabitants in your property are equipped to deal with a range of fires. All of our reels ... Read more
Name of product: Valves & risers
We supply the largest of landing valves, breeching inlets and angle hose valves. All of our products are suitable for a range of dry risers and will play an important role in your fire defense.
Name of product: Fire hydrants
High-performance fire hydrants are vital for combating fires as they provide a ready supply of water. Our fire hydrants have been certified by the LPCB and Kitemark.