Fire Pumps and controllers

Name of product: Certified Fire Pumps
FISCOMM supplies UL certified fire pumps that comply with the highest international standards. Fire pumps are a crucial part of a fire sprinkler system and will form an important part of your building’s fire protection system.
Name of product: Custom Designed Fire Pumps
custom design fire pumps to meet the requirements of your building. Every building has its own unique fire protection needs and we will tailor every product to your needs.
NPS Series Fire Pump Set.This package consists of one main pump coupled to electric motor, one stand by pump coupled to diesel engine, jockey pump, pressure vessel, controller(s) for manual or automatic operation of the system and standard accessories on base frame(s). The fire pump shall be End ... Read more
NPE Series Fire Pump Set. This package consists of 2 electric motor driven fire pumps, (one is duty and another one is standby), jockey pump, pressure vessel, suction and discharge manifold, discharge pressure gauge, pressure switches, common ... Read more
Industrial Packaged Fire Pump Sets. NAFFCO package fire pump system consists of pumps, driver, controllers and accessories mounted on a common base frame. High quality UL / FM certified components are used in these systems complying with the ... Read more